Frullati Café Nutritional Information


Because we take pride in promoting a healthy lifestyle, we use fresh quality ingredients in all of our smoothies, sandwiches, paninis, soups and salads. To help you make proper food choices that fit your dietary needs, we have prepared a comprehensive Frullati Café nutritional guide and a Frullati Café allergen statement, which provide detailed information on all Frullati Café menu items.

Nutritional Information

To view nutritional information for all of Frullati Café food items, click here.

To view nutrional information for all Frullati Café smoothie items, click here.

Food Allergens and Sensitives

To learn specific details about Frullati Café menu items, please view our Food Allergen chart.

Additional Information

We encourage you to educate yourself about our menu items. If you have further questions regarding the nutritional information, you may contact us at

Frullati Café Menu and Product Nutrionals